Environmental Geography

Pink Sunday Mornings

This day started out well. Early morning run. Included running through spiderwebs that materialized on the path overnight. 85% awake conversation with parents. Follow-up nap (how awesome are post-running naps?!), … Continue reading

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Coffee Geographies

This post is inspired by this excellent paper by Natnicha Bhumiratana, Koushik Adhikari and Edgar Chamberx IV. I highly recommend that anyone interested in food, perception and emotional links to … Continue reading

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Food Views

  The ‘Photographs’ section of my DPhil. folder is getting out of control. It’s made up mostly of pictures of food I’ve had with participants, at home, sent by my … Continue reading

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Anxious Waiting

And now, for an indoor path. This is where one can find my supervisor. We don’t meet as often as my other friends, but she’s lovely and has that quality … Continue reading

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Visualizing the Future

This weekend, I was in London with a friend of mine. We had planned to execute a number of very important tasks. Naturally, in order to accomplish those tasks, we … Continue reading

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Nostalgia Through Pain

I remember a girl, sitting next to a hotel swimming pool, in Sri Lanka. She has a new notebook, a new pen, and a very scuffed Sony Walkman. She’s writing … Continue reading

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The Beginning

I’ve been taking the bus quite a bit since I’ve been back. I’m not overly fond of the bus route, but more on that later. Whenever my knees permit, I … Continue reading

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