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Hi everyone! I’m Saher Hasnain, currently employed at the Environmental Change Institute, School of Geography and the Environment at the University of Oxford.

I am a postdoctoral researcher with the Foresight4Food Initiative, and the Education Coordinator (Maternity Cover) for the Innovative Food Systems Teaching and Learning programme (IFSTAL) with the ECI Food Systems Group.

Trained as an environmental scientist, I have focused on environmental health and food systems in urban areas. For my doctoral research, I examined the influence of factors like fuel policies, urban design, violence, and regional and global food system transformation on food consumption behaviour and spatial mobility in urban Pakistan. I am currently working on mapping the complexity of Pakistan’s food system and exploring influences like the socio-economic and regulatory changes and projects like the China Pakistan Economic Corridor Project (CPEC).

With the IFSTAL programme at Oxford, I collaborate with colleagues from the IFSTAL consortium in delivering the online course material through a series of face-to-face workshops to students with interdisciplinary backgrounds and approaches.

I am also involved with the Foresight4Food Initiative, which is supporting enhanced foresight and scenario analyses for global food systems. It aims to provide a mechanism to better understand and synthesize key trends and possible futures in global food systems and support informed and strategic decision making between food systems stakeholders.

I have previously worked on environmental health issues through photovoice and mapping at the University of Pennsylvania, and the development of national energy management cultures at Bahria University.


You can also find me at the ECITwitter and LinkedIn.