Just Crashing Through

In the past couple of (years) weeks, different working styles among my colleagues and friends have become more apparent. Mostly in comparison with my own. And this crystallization of awareness has partially been driven because of a re-discovery of the drafts of my thesis. So before I get into today's topic, I must apologize to … Continue reading Just Crashing Through



The week of sounding like the Godfather is coming to an end - thank you laryngitis! Having recently returned from a trip, I am finally getting into the flow of being back in Oxford. Part of this seems to involve taking careful stock of the work that needs doing in the next few weeks and … Continue reading NaNoWriMo-Two

Why I Made Space for Coffee (in my life)

Disclaimer: I get absolutely no commission or money from any of the companies mentioned in this post. This post had originally been titled 'Caffeinated Routines', but has been renamed to reflect my active decision to introduce coffee into my life. 'Introduce' here indicates a desire to have coffee-making as a part of my daily routine … Continue reading Why I Made Space for Coffee (in my life)

Pink Sunday Mornings

This day started out well. Early morning run. Included running through spiderwebs that materialized on the path overnight. 85% awake conversation with parents. Follow-up nap (how awesome are post-running naps?!), breakfast and tea while watching How I Met Your Mother. Leaving early for the department. Feeling particularly tall as I wear my new tweed and … Continue reading Pink Sunday Mornings